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When coaches and officials fail to understand the important role they both play in ensuring a high school basketball game is played in a sporting manner, situations like those that happened during last season’s boys’ Class 2A championship game occur.  Without rehashing that entire event, it’s probably fair to say that the actions of coaches and players during the game that night occur far too often in other gyms across Illinois each season.  Having a desire to win and being intense are not bad character traits.  However, when those are not controlled, whether by coaches or players, those actions/traits need to be penalized.  Talking people through inappropriate behavior, allowing coaches to be out of the coaches box and tolerating taunting actions by players MUST stop and officials must penalize offenders in accordance with the rules.  High schools sports in general and basketball specifically do not need the negative attention brought upon them by those who fail to remember that “it’s just a game.”





Bench decorum is a major point of emphasis for the upcoming season.  The unfortunate incident in the Boys 2A State Title Game has caused there to be an increased emphasis on this rule.  In simple terms, a "Zero Tolerance" policy is being put in place concerning the coaches box.  All coaching duties performed during the game MUST be performed within the coaches box.  Officials are being instructed to assess a technical foul WITHOUT WARNING to head coaches who violate this rule.  This includes leaving the box for ANY REASON other than to go to the table to request that the game be stopped for a conference concerning a correctable error.  The coaches box should be clearly marked in all of your games, both home and away.  This applies to conference games, crossover games, non-conference games and tournament games.  Be aware of where you are at all times.  You MUST be in the box when you communicate with an official, request a time out, check on a player on the bench, get a drink of water or anything else while the game is in progress.  Time outs and intermissions between quarters are the only times you are allowed to be out of the box, and this must NEVER be to communicate with an official.  An official who assesses a technical foul to a coach for being out of the box is definitely doing what is supposed to be done.  When a tough call does not go your way, please understand that the tough call is made even worse if you leave the box and are then assessed a technical foul.  Remember, officials are being told to assess the technical foul without warning.  Please remember this is the IHSA stance on this matter and that this applies to all games in Illinois.





Officials across the country are being told that when the defense initiates contact on an opponent with the ball, a foul is to be called.  This includes common acts such as extending one hand while on defense and making contact with that one hand at the waist, stomach or any other area.  There is no “hot stove touch” being allowed.  A “hot stove touch” is a foul.  Bumping the cutter is a foul and should be called.  These changes are being made to allow for more freedom of movement by the players.  This is in line with what the NCAA is communicating to their officials.  In coaching terms, please get in the habit of instructing your players to move their feet on defense and not initiate any contact on the player with the ball.  And YES, this also applies to a defender on a player with the ball in the post.  Remember that this is the National Federation stance on this matter and it applies to all teams across the country.

Additionally, the NCAA rule change pertaining to upward movement of a player in a block/charge situation DOES NOT APPLY TO HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL.  In high school basketball, nothing has changed in terms of block/charge.

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